DAVID JOY – illustrator

Scottish Wildlife Series

Capturing the beauty of Nature

David Joy

David is a Scottish professional wildlife illustrator. His unique series of wildlife watercolours are available to purchase here as prints and greetings cards.

Respected and admired for his many talents, David is also a seascapes artist,  golf historian and author. Hailing from St Andrews he lives in a 15th century country cottage on the fringe of this great Scottish town. His artwork is displayed and sold worldwide.

David’s Seascapes are of locations around Fife. His latest “Scapes” series can be found here.

David’s studio is situated in his garden, a haven of character, wildlife and peace. His illustrations share the nature and beauty of Fife’s animals, birds and insects amid the flora.

David is also a prolific author and illustrator on the game of golf and is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the subject.



Available to purchase as prints and greetings card prints for special occasions

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Professionally made ready to frame A3 prints in a white card border and A5 Greeting Cards with envelopes.

The must have print for all those coo lovers!

Available as a print or greetings card. Order from David direct. Just give him a call.

Author and Illustrator

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David Joy Seascapes - Oil on Canvas

“Scapes” of depth and texture capturing the Scottish artists spirit and day to day observations of the ever changing atmosphere of Scotland’s East Coast light. Varying in size, there are over 80 of David’s Seascapes to view and purchase in the Gallery Shop. The site also has details of David’s exhibitions around the world and about the “Scapes” series in particular.


GOLF - David Joy

David Joy is an internationally noted golf historian. An accomplished author, illustrator, engraver and speaker on the subject of golf.

St Andrews is known as the home of golf through the pioneering work of its citizens. The contribution of the Joy family spanning five generations in St Andrews is significant. Over the years they have not only contributed, they have continued to promote it’s magic and David is an encapsulation of this wonderful magic through his passion for what we know and love today as the game of golf.